New to the ‘Little Ash’ series: ‘Party Problems!’ & ‘Lost Luck!’ by Jasmin McGaughey & Jade Goodwin

Books #5 and 6 of the ‘Little Ash‘ series are just as delightful as the earlier stories. Featuring star tennis player Ash Barty as a child, the books are all about friends, family and fun, with plenty of diversity and the kinds of experiences that children will recognise: a fancy dress birthday party and a hockey game with pals.

There are obstacles to overcome: a lost tennis racquet and a ‘bad mood day.’ With the help of her friends and parents these are overcome, and all is well at the end of each story.

What I like about these stories are that the scenarios are familiar, and the books are not preachy or message laden. They are simple stories of the everyday which young readers will relate to. They are, however, imbued with Ash’s signature humility common sense approach to everything she does.

Plus, of course, they celebrate a remarkable Australian and sportsperson.

These two additions to the ‘Little Ash’ series were published by HarperCollins Children’s Books in November 2022.

My thanks to the publishers for review copies.

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