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Facebook: an excellent resource for writers

I’ve been joining Facebook groups over the past few months. Not social ones – though I have several of those in my profile as well. No, these are groups that help me with getting into information, photos, old maps, and other images relevant to my genre and areas of writing interest. I’ve been amazed at the plethora of interest groups and the energy of their members to learn, discover, and share. There are some treasures to be found in the posts.

So I thought I’d share some that I’m finding especially useful. You can search for the group title in Facebook, and some require you to request to join the group, which is easy and painless.

These are ones relevant to my area of Australian colonial and convict history:

Pioneer, Convicts Families Research Group

Third Fleet 1791 Researchers

Second Fleet 1790 Researchers

(I’m sure there is a First Fleet Researchers group as well, though this is not relevant to my research right now)

Vintage Sydney (Australia) Heritage History & Memories

Australian Family History – Online Records and Resources

The Convict Stockade

Parramatta Female Factory Friends

Historical Novel Society (Australasia)

Hawkesbury Pioneer Families

Richmond History Group NSW


If these represent areas of interest or research to you, check them out. Let me know what you find in the comments below.

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