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2024 Challenges

Once again I am signing up to reading challenges for the coming year, as a way to add to my reading diet and explore new areas of knowledge and understanding.

In 2024, I will take part in these challenges:

  • Non Fiction Reading Challenge
    My goal is to become a ‘Non Fiction Nibbler’, reading 6 books from any 6 of the 12 categories (details about the challenge, hosted by Book’d Out, here)
  • Historical Fiction Reading Challenge
    Of course! I’m aiming for the ‘Mediaeval’ level of 15 books.
    This one is hosted by the Intrepid Reader. Sign up and find out more here.
  • Books by First Nations authors
    This one is my own personal challenge, not an official one. I’m aiming for 6 books by Australian (or other) First Nations authors.
  • Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge
    Hosted by Carol’s Notebook (check out the blog here)
    This is a new one for me; I’m having a go for fun, as I do enjoy a good crime/mystery read.
    The challenge also includes thriller/suspense/true crime books.
    I’m aiming to become an ‘Amateur Sleuth’ by reading between 5 – 15 books in these genres.

So, that’s my reading sorted. Oh, and add the book group choices already programmed for the year, plus ones I review for publishers…I’ll be behind a book somewhere if you need me.

Have you joined a reading challenge or reading group, and if so, did it help you to expand your reading repertoire?

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