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Spring inspirations

In my part of the world, today is the official first day of spring. It’s an amazing time of year: I can almost hear the plants grow and feel the earth, busy with its task of warming and nurturing all that new growth along.
When life gets busy it is so easy to slip into ‘not noticing’ mode. Each winter day feels like the last. I get tricked into thinking that summer will always be here. Those moments that herald a change of seasons, especially spring and autumn, are the little wake up calls I need to notice: ah yes, the earth is definitely turning, on its yearly trip around the sun.
So today, I’m noticing. My clematis are in bud; the daffodils are done for the year but theĀ  neighbour’s crabapple is dressed in pink and white splendour like a bridesmaid ready for the wedding. The bees are out in full hum and yes, those lovely little wrens and finches have returned to sip nectar from the flowers.
It’s all about the birds and the bees, folks.

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