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Joanna Penn is a modern marvel: a ‘creative entrepreneur’, independent and award winning author of both non fiction and fiction. I discovered her through her podcast, The Creative Penn, in which she gives weekly updates on her writing journey, news from the publishing industry, and interviews with all sorts of people who really know what they are talking about: from writing craft tips, to advice on agents, traditional publishing, independent publishing, physical and mental health for creatives…the list goes on. I especially enjoyed her frank acknowledgement of the ‘imposter syndrome’ and discussions about the often crippling self doubt that can plague authors. As a newbie author I relate to that. The podcasts are hosted by Joanna in her lovely west country voice (she hails from Bath, UK) and punctuated by her charming chuckle! I also admire her collaborative approach to others in the writing and publishing worlds – there is never a hint of professional jealousy; rather an eagerness to assist others in their creative pursuits.

As you’ll see from Joanna’s website, she has many strings to her bow, including speaking engagements, online courses, ebooks and hard copy books on distribution worldwide. As well as writing of course!

If you are a writer and have not yet discovered Joanna and The Creative Penn, check out her website and podcasts.

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