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Friendship for littlies: ‘How to be a Friend’ by Sarah Ayoub & Mimi Purcell

A sweet book with simple rhyming text and softly colourful illustrations, How to be a Friend is all about friendships and being a good friend.

Friends always clap for us the loudest
to let us know that they’re the proudest.
They make us feel all kinds of clever,
are up for fun, no matter the weather.

Friends help us feel safe and cosy and warm,
they carry us through all sorts of storms.
They love the things that make us unique,
like the way we look and how we speak.

How to be a Friend

Both the words and pictures allow recognition of children in all their shapes, sizes and colours, with various family and living situations and interests.

As children begin to explore the world outside of their immediate family and home, friends begin to take on more importance. This is a good book to share at that time, reinforcing aspects of positive friendships.

How to be a Friend is published by HarperCollins Children’s Books in November 2023.
My thanks to the publisher for a review copy.

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